Our Story

Anything But Ordinary Tea has been an idea of mine for many years.

I was on a trip to visit family in St Lucia with my then-toddler daughter to introduce her to my grandparents. Whilst on the trip, I visited some of my family lands and saw the vibrant rainforest with ample fruits and spices growing. I thought back to when I was younger when my aunties would make Cocoa tea and thought about how there wasn't anything quite like it in the UK. With everything that was growing on the land, there had to be something I could do with it.

"Tea: A hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of a tea plant in boiling water. Also known as a hug in a cup."

The lightbulb moment happened, and the idea was born. I dived right into researching, and whilst on my visit, I met with knowledgeable farmers to understand the ingredients and how they needed to be treated to make this tea come to life. There was a lot of trial and error, but that was all part of the experience. Fast forward some years, and we've now created our five introductory blends.

Coco island tea was inspired by the initial idea of Cocoa tea that my family would drink. We also created four alternative blends, all made from natural ingredients, inspired by the land; each tea has significant health benefits, and all are blended to perfection.

Our herbal teas are rich in flavour, smell and colour. Each blend is truly inspired by the vibrant colours found in the St Lucia rainforest.

The name itself has two meanings our tea is literally 'Anything But Ordinary' due to the colour, aroma, unique flavours and taste. But also it's my families initials, mine, my partners and my daughters - A.B.O.

And so A.B.O-Tea was born. We hope you love our loose leaf tea as much as we do. Please do follow, like, share and comment on our social media channels.

Our teas are all loose leaf to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Happy shopping.